Our values

OGK’s Code of ethics consists of principles and values which govern our standards of everyday work and business relations regarding the employees of OGK and people we cooperate with. Observance of the provisions of the Code is aimed at building and developing our clients’ trust.

The Code is not finite, as it only outlines the general directions of practice, as it is impossible to foresee and describe all possible everyday situations.

The content of the Code was negotiated through discussion and consulted with the parties involved, so that its provisions are actually observed in practice, rather than constituting only a theoretical document.

Our Company’s aim
The prevailing aim of the company is to build value for our clients, which should be understood as follows:

  • Showing our clients the most optimal development strategy
  • Increase in market share (turnover, number of clients and orders)
  • Popularizing the positive image of the company

Time line

We believe that the realization of the company’s aim is based on building firm relations, which means that people representing OGK should not undertake actions aimed at quick profits, whenever there is a risk that such actions could have negative consequences in the long run.


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